Hearing Evaluations and Testing

We conduct hearing tests and counseling to determine word understanding and any cognitive problems. Using a sound booth, we will measure your hearing in quiet and noisy situations and environments.

We will inspect the ear canal with a video otoscope to determine if wax build-up may be the cause of hearing loss. This procedure is completely painless and extremely valuable. A tiny video camera on the otoscope is placed just inside the ear canal, allowing us to view all the way to the eardrum. The value of this procedure is that it helps us understand why you may be experiencing difficulties with your hearing when you are:

  • Hearing in one ear better than the other
  • Thinking others sound muffled or are mumbling when they are speaking to you
  • Avoiding social situations due to trouble following the conversations
  • Having your TV or radio turned up to a high volume

Using the video otoscope, our professionals will be able to determine if your hearing difficulties could be due to ear wax. This exam may also reveal such common problems as damage to the eardrum, fluid accumulation in the middle ear, or other conditions which may make it difficult to hear clearly. Contact us at 417-351-4100 to schedule an appointment for your free hearing evaluation!

Make better hearing happen.


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